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Washing Machine Troubleshooting

The Unsung Household Hero

Washing Machine Problems

The average household washing machine gets used almost 300 times a year. Some business washing machines in hotels or laundromats can go through as many as 3,000 cycles in a single year alone.

Clearly, a modern lifestyle is not complete without this essential appliance.

As with any white goods, it won't come as a surprise that sometimes things can go wrong.

Being unable to wash clothes or sheets can be a real problem, and can leave you frustrated. Even worse, some common washing machine problems can result in damage to the machine itself, and to your property.

Understandably, you'll want to get your washing machine back in working order as soon as possible.

So what could be wrong with your washing machine? Here are a few of the most common washing machine problems that you may encounter.

Causing a Commotion

Washing Machine Drum

When your washing machine is too loud, or is shaking far too much, it can be very worrying. These are clear signs that something is wrong. Fortunately, its easy enough to identify the causes of these common washing machine problems.

If the washing machine is noisy during the cycle, an item like a loose coin could be rattling around in the drum.

Faulty bearings are also a key suspect, as they can cause a rumbling type of noise when the drum is turned.

Try turning it by hand when the machine is off and listen to hear this noise. If it occurs, then the bearings may need fixing or replacing. This should be done by a professional appliance technician.

But if too much movement is causing you stress, then check that your washing machine is on a level ground and that it has a secure floorspace. Older machines may be suffering from faulty weights or shock absorbers.

Otherwise, excessive movement could be an indicator of a motor failing over time. This should be assessed and replaced by an experienced technician.

Stopping Mid-Cycle

This is a frequent issue that washing machine owners encounter. This is sometimes called 'sticking'. With older washing machines the machine can stick randomly during any cycle, but for modern appliances the programme is aborted and an error code may appear.

Though there are a plethora of possible causes for this issue, the single most common one involves improper filling or emptying of the washing machine.

Check that the water supply for both hot and cold is working. Also make sure that the machine is draining the water properly. If its not, make sure your plumbing is in good working order, and that the machine hasn't tripped a circuit breaker or blown a fuse.

Plugging the Leak

Washing Machine Leak

A leaking washing machine needs to be dealt with right away. But panicking can prevent you from noticing the cause of the problem, which can be as simple as a worn down door seal.

Replacing it can be simple, but getting a professional appliance technician to find the appropriate part and fit it in properly is a smart move.

If your soap dispenser is blocked up around the water holes, this can also cause water to leak or even spray out of, your washing machine. Give it a clean regularly to avoid this.

If you think the problem is internal, such as a faulty water sensor or internal blockage, then the best move to make is to get in contact with an approved and experienced technician.

Where's the Water?

Obviously a washing machine needs water to wash things. So when there is no water at all, your washing machine isn't doing its job properly.

Ensure that the water hoses for both hot and cold water are properly connected and not damaged.

Check that you selected the right programme, and test your taps to ensure that the water for your household or business is working in general. If not, you will need to talk to a plumber or your water supplier for advice.

I Still Need Help, Where Can I Go?

Washing Machine Repairs

The average washing machine owner can only do so much to fix a their appliance when things go wrong.

If the fault is very technical, then you will need to turn to the experts for some professional assistance.

Don't hesitate to get in contact with a team of trained and experienced technicians. Simply fill out the web form on this page for a free, no-obligation quote.

A quick response is assured from one of the experts, who can help you avoid these common washing machine problems at an affordable rate.